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About the Womanizer

Mode of Operation


100% passion & pleasurable feeling

Within this world the womanizer® surely is just a small novelty - but within the universe of sex toys and erotic products, the womanizer® is a true revolution. The revolutionary womanizer® technology makes it possible to stimulate the clitoris without contact for the first time. An unprecedented experience of lust, crowned with powerful orgasms, can be experienced. An over-stimulation of the clitoris becomes a thing of the past. Orgasms in a previously inexperienced manner and strength - any number of times.





Use the womanizer® for orgasmic stimulations - alone or together with your partner, on the go or at home. You will always experience a novel feeling of lust - persistent and intense.





Perhaps the world’s most advanced clitoral stimulator!


Devote yourself to orgasmic pleasures of unknown intensity with this sensual stimulator that makes a touchless and intense stimulation of the clitoris possible for the first time. Women witness waves of ecstasy which cause moments of absolute loss of control. The womanizer lets your body quiver with excitement.

  • touchless stimulation of the clitoris
  • precisely adjustable regulation of intensity
  • recharcheable lithium ion accumulator (via USB port)
  • exchangeable stimulation head made of medical silicone
  • light effect in the dark
  • attractive design
  • no accustoming effect due to new technology
  • can trigger multiple orgasms
  • absolutely novel orgasmic feeling