My Testimonial

Posted by Patricia 19/02/2016 0 Comment(s)

When one of my girlfriends told me about the womanizer, I thought to myself, is this for real? Can a toy really give you multiple orgasms over and over again? Well after going online and ordering a baby blue womanizer, I checked my mail daily waiting for my new gift to myself to arrive. It was a perfect rainy day to lie in bed with my new love when it finally came. After reading the easy and quick instructions, I opened up my labia lips and placed the white area around my clitoris. I pressed on and the feeling I felt was something else. I only needed to go to the third setting out of five when usually I am a maximum type of gal.  Two buttons make it easy to use and the toy itself is super light and easy to hold. I experienced Clitoral stimulation like no other. Watch out 2016, it’s going be quite a pleasurable year.

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