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My Womanizer Review

Posted by Natasha 25/01/2016 0 Comment(s)

I am always skeptical when trying a new toy. This review was important for me to write because of the accuracy and truth of this pleasure filled little wonder.


How it looks: My womanizer arrived in the mail and I went straight to bed to try it out. After opening the box I pulled out an adorable pink little handheld device.

The one I received came in a pink case with a zipper opening. Inside was a pink handheld device with some sexy black and white leopard print design throughout.

The top of the womanizer is made from 100% silicone. Just pop it off and wash it with soap and water. Charging it is a breeze. It is even USB rechargeable.


How it works: This toy’s instructions are clear. Other toys in the past have had to many buttons or the buttons were flat and blended in with the rest of the design. This toy has two buttons; one turns it on and one changes the settings from low to high. After placing the silicone white opening piece over my clitoris I pressed the on button. The humming began with very low stimulation. I continued to press the sparkling pink button that changed my little hum to the perfect setting of suction and delight. There are five settings to play with. The womanizer indirectly stimulates your clitoris, which is what I have been attempting to direct my partners over the years. Easier said then done.


How to Clean: The top of the womanizer, which is placed over your clitoris, is made from 100% silicone. Just pop it off and wash it with soap and water.


Ladies, listen to me when I say run and buy a womanizer. Every woman deserves endless and repeatable pleasure. Two thumbs up for womanizer.

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