Had to Be A Woman!

Posted by Rachel 25/02/2016 0 Comment(s)

It must have been a woman who came up with WOMANIZER W100. How often do I get my hands on a sex toy that actually provides me with quick, multiple orgasms? Not often... Usually when direct pressure is put on my clitoris I immediately pull away but with the Womanizer there are six different settings of intensity. The head is placed right around the clitoris but not directly putting pressure on it. The vacuum, suckling feeling I have yet to have found anywhere else. My orgasms were fast and plentiful. The detachable head of the womanizer is made from silicone, which makes cleaning it with soap and water a breeze. My Womanizer came in an adorable pink case and is rechargeable, lasting for at least 90 minutes of pleasure before needing to recharge. Hmm… I wonder how many Womanizer orgasms I can fit into 90 minutes.

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