W500 Review Testimonial

Posted by Steph 25/02/2016 0 Comment(s)

Finally, my favorite sex toy has finally gotten better. It is more compact, classy looking and obviously more pleasure. Visually, the womanizer W500 looks similar to an ear thermometer but the icy white chrome gives it a sexy adult like feel. The leopard, colorful old womanizer was cute but let’s be honest, the nineties called and would like their womanizer back. I received the womanizer, charger, case and a spare silicone head bigger than the original one, perfect for my large clitoris. That was a complaint I had with the original womanizer. Just like men, women have different size clitorises. This larger silicone head was able to fit right around my clitoris allowing me to really have control of my orgasm. Using my water based lubricant, I started on a low setting and slowly after teasing myself I would raise it level. After getting to level six out of eight my clitoris and body were ready to explode. My orgasm was even more powerful than with the original one. This, I give credit to the eight level intensity, allowing me more range of speeds and suckling around my clitoris. My one complaint is it still is not waterproof, but I have a feeling they will make that happen soon.


This was a pricey toy, but given the amounts of orgasms I have experienced, I think I have got my money’s worth...


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